I hope that by walking through one of my more challenging assignments, I will be able to give you a better idea of my thought process during my photography.  I had the honor of being selected as photographer by a family in Birmingham who were truly wonderful to work with.  My challenge began after I completed the wedding of the eldest daughter.  I was very pleased with the results.  Then I received a call and learned that their second daughter was engaged and would be getting married 6 months later.  I was thrilled that the family would request me for both of their daughter's weddings.  As I found out more details about the wedding, I learned that this wedding would be at the same church, same reception, same father daughter dance, and even with the same dress.  I immediately knew this would present a challenge of creating two unique wedding collections which would both be viewed by the family.  For the first wedding, I had found my favorite locations for each of the day's events.  Now, I would have to find different angles, lighting and moments for a new wedding.  The task pushed me creatively and I was forced to look at everything differently.

du castel28.jpg